Call for Erasmus+ KA2 Project Partners

Malta Enterprise is looking for partners to work on a project aimed at increasing awareness about industry and entreprenership in schools through the creation of an educational app for tablets and/or other devices.

The Call is open for any organization - particularly those involved in education, business support, institutions as well as private enterprise - until March 6th, 2015 at 12:00h CET.

Partners should be based in ERASMUS+ Programme Countries, particularly regions which already provide or are in the process of including entrepreneurship courses in their schools.


Industry remains one of the major sources of employment and economic growth in Europe.

One of the objectives of Malta Enterprise is to create a culture for industry, thereby increasing awareness about industrial heritage and potential, especially through education. Taking advantage of the technological advances in schools, such as the introduction of electronic devices as educational tools, an app would be ideal to increase awareness about industry and the opportunities it offers.

The objective of this app is to create awareness among the younger students about:

  • what industry is,
  • what kind of industries operate in regions participating in the project, and
  • the opportunities that industry offers.

Additionally, it will also seek to educate older students on career opportunities in industry and encourage their entrepreneurial potential.

At the heart of this app will be multimedia and interactive activities that combine fun and learning to bring the experience of industry in the most accessible manner to young people.