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Innova Foster Local Action Plan finalised

As the local partner within Innova Foster, Malta Enterprise has finalised a Local Action Plan (LAP) with key actions that address the most pressing issues, thereby bringing to a close the first phase of the project.

The proposals presented in the LAP fall within three strategic areas - infrastructure, incentives and capacity building. Through the research carried out, 100 actions grouped under 35 objectives have been identified.

In turn, these have been translated into nine key actions that evolve around the creation of a national strategy, making key information available and accessible, increasing financial and non-financial assistance to startups, improving physical infrastructure, building capacity, and increasing local and international visibility of the ecosystem.

Innova Foster is a European project within the framework of the Interreg programme aimed at helping start-ups grow by engaging them in the innovation processes at local or regional level and improving their role as industry innovation providers in seven European regions.

Further information about the Innova Foster project may be found here, while the Local Action Plan may be viewed here.