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ME denies allegations

Reference is hereby made to the article with Title 'Scandal At Malta Enterprise As Whistleblower Complaint Goes Missing' published by the news portal Lovin Malta on the 1st April 2019.

Since the year 2013 to date, Malta Enterprise Corporation has never received any Whistleblower disclosure in line with its Whistleblower Policy and Procedure.

The Board of Malta Enterprise took into consideration all allegations of 'underhanded editing of investment committee minutes' being referred to in the above-mentioned article and concluded that there is no basis for such claims.  In this respect, the Chairman of the Corporation states that he had informed the Board about the accusations and he had explained the established facts. Based on this information, the Board concluded that the allegations were unfounded.

Moreover, the Corporation categorically denies any attempts of suppression of complaints by the Chief Executive Officer of Malta Enterprise as these were duly taken into consideration by the Board of the Corporation.

In conclusion Malta Enterprise declares that the article is unfounded, incorrect and does not at all reflect the reality of the situation.