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Malta Enterprise assisting high value added start ups through private equity and crowd funding

Malta Enterprise is launching aStart-up Finance scheme.  The measure was announced in the 2016 Budget speech andaims to assist the development and growth of small start-ups in their early stages of development through repayable assistance.  Companies mainly engaged in manufacturing, information technology, research & development, biotechnology, pharmaceuticals and life sciences can benefit from the scheme.

Gozo Information Session

Malta Enterprise will be organising an information session on the Gozo Transport Scheme and Micro Invest.

The Gozo Transport Scheme supports manufacturing undertakings operating from Gozo by reducing the additional inter-island transport cost incurred for transporting materials, goods and finished products between Malta and Gozo.  This assistance serves to reduce the cost-disadvantages for manufacturers based in Gozo, rendering these businesses in a better position to compete effectively within the single market.

Malta Robust Growth Outlook

The Winter 2016 Economic Forecast just published (February 2016) by the European Commission confirms Malta’s economy had a robust growth. It projects that real GDP growth in 2016 will be 3.9%. This figure ranks Malta with the third highest growth rate from all EU28. Furthermore, this solid growth is envisaged to be prolonged over the next years. For 2017, real GDP growth in Malta is projected to be 3.4% compared to 2.0% and 1.9% for the EU28 and EA19.

Full report on Malta’s economy and the EU overview can be found in the attached documents

Towards Personalised Medicine: iCarbonX chooses Malta as the first international base

iCarbonX has chosen Malta as the first international base of a project aimed at developing an artificial intelligence platform to facilitate research related to the treatment of diseases, preventive care and precision nutrition. This approach is considered as an essential element to enable the future development of personalized medicine.