Unpacking the Impacts of the EU’s Packaging and Packaging of Waste Regulation

Malta Enterprise, in collaboration with the Ministry for Environment, Energy and Enterprise, the Environment & Resources Authority (ERA), and the Malta Business Bureau (MBB), held an online session to discuss with industry operators the impact of the proposed EU legislation on Packaging and Packaging of Waste.

Kurt Farrugia, CEO of Malta Enterprise, opened the session by emphasizing the importance of businesses familiarizing themselves with the provisions introduced under the draft regulation. He urged companies to prepare for the changes by understanding the new legislation.

Maria Alonso Bomba from ERA gave a comprehensive presentation on the new concepts arising from this proposal, detailing requirements and obligations that economic operators must address to comply with the regulation once enacted.

Gabriel Cassar from MBB presented the findings of an impact assessment report, highlighting crucial recommendations from various economic operators. Ing. Mario Schembri, Managing Director at AIS Environment, spoke about the necessary improvements to achieve sustainable practices, promote the circular economy, and ways to stimulate its development.

The session concluded with a Q&A, allowing participants to express their views and concerns.

As the regulation is still in its early stages, further discussions will take place, and Malta Enterprise will keep participants informed about updates from the Commission.

Josephine Vassallo Parnis, Head of the EU Affairs Unit at Malta Enterprise, moderated the event. Companies interested in receiving information on the draft regulation can contact [email protected].

Below are the copies of the presentations respectively carried out by the panellists from the Environment & Resources Authority, the Malta Business Bureau and Engineer Mario Schembri, the Managing Director from AIS Environment.