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Mastering the Startup Pitch: An Exclusive Event by Malta Enterprise

Malta Enterprise launched the stakeholder consultation for the start-up framework in 2023. This process has been finalised and has generated various insights from both public and private stakeholders on how to improve the startup eco-system. This Framework intends to create a holistic legislative and policy dimension to streamline the startup process from incorporation to end-stage, by catering to the feedback voiced by startups, corporate service providers, investors, and government entities.

For the past few months, Malta Enterprise has been collecting the feedback discussed during the consultation sessions and have begun analysing practical implementations to further strengthen support for the ecosystem. Notably, the need for training and education for startups and founders was a recurring theme in the consultations. Malta Enterprise will host a masterclass with Jeff Cabili to teach effective nonverbal communication. Mr Cabili has been a Stanford Continuing Studies Instructor since 2006, where he has been teaching senior executives, engineers, educators, and graduates on how to deliver distinctive and impactful presentations using body language and voice modulation. The aim of the masterclass is to equip attendees with self-confidence and a captivating presence to draw the attention of their audience through energy and charisma. Proficiency in effective nonverbal communication is key for startups and founders that are looking to elevate their pitch. Attending this masterclass also presents a unique networking opportunity, offering participants the chance to connect with other founders.

The Startup Framework initiative, in conjunction with the upcoming masterclass, reiterates Malta Enterprise's commitment to cultivating a dynamic and supportive ecosystem for startups within the Maltese islands. This initiative reflects a strategic commitment to nurturing innovation, facilitating growth, and encouraging new entrepreneurial ventures. The masterclass is a part of this commitment, designed to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge, skills, and networks essential for navigating the challenges of the startup ecosystem. Together, these initiatives embody Malta Enterprise's vision of positioning the Maltese islands as a hub for innovation, where startups can thrive, contribute to sustainable economic development, and collectively shape a prosperous ecosystem.

The masterclass will be taking place at the Malta Enterprise 1st Floor Conference Room in Pieta’ on the 21st of February 2024 at 16:00hrs. This will be part of a wider event that will also feature a short delivery by Mr. Mark Bajada - serial investor and synonyms locally with Shark Tank.  Mark Bajada will be sharing tips on what attracts the attention of investors and what should be included in an investors’ pitch. A networking session will also follow. Participation to this event is on a first come, first served basis, and we kindly ask that participants RSVP by sending an email to [email protected] by Thursday 15th February A nominal fee of €25 (including VAT) will be charged.