Business Re-Engineering and Transformation Scheme

The scope of the scheme is to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to realign their business activity, restructure their employees, product and / or service portfolio, optimise the use of technology and embrace green technology and practices. SME's with a vision to develop can seek support from external advisors to assist them in carrying out significant changes that will enable them to accelerate development and improve market access. 

The aid shall be awarded in the form of a cash grant covering 50% of the costs incurred up to a maximum grant of €5,000 per advisory service per undertaking. Beneficiaries may only be supported through this measure once in any 18-month period. This incentive shall be available until the 31st December 2023.

The official submission of application together with relevant documentation must be done through the Client Portal. Incomplete application or missing annexes will be rejected.

The Malta Chamber of Commerce has compiled and published a recommended list of service providers that may provide business reengineering and transformation services. Applicants that might find difficulty in identifying an advisor with the required skills and competencies may contact the Malta Chamber or visit the Chamber's website to view the list.