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ERDF Small Start-up Grant Scheme (Closed Measure)

The ERDF Small Start-up Grant Scheme supports the growth of new enterprises having less than 50 employees. The scheme is open to start-ups that have been operating for less than 3 years in the manufacturing, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Research & Development & Innovation (R&D&I), waste treatment & environmental solutions, biotechnology or that are significantly innovative.

The ERDF Small Start-up Grant Scheme will part-finance costs incurred by small enterprises in relation to:

  • Wages of employees;
  • Renting / leasing of equipment that is required by the enterprise to operate;
  • Renting / leasing of production facilities;
  • Water and electricity.

List of Beneficiaries

Incentive Notes: 

This incentive is managed through a competitive call for further details please visit