MicroInvest 2024




Scheme Title Micro Invest
Version 1.1

Published on


18th March 2024

26th March 2024


The scheme encourages undertakings (including Start-ups, family businesses and self-employed) to invest in their business, so as to innovate, expand and develop their operations. Undertakings benefitting from this measure will be supported through a tax credit calculated as a percentage of eligible expenditure, which also covers increased in wage costs. 


Applications shall be accepted from undertakings which at point of application satisfy all of the following criteria:

  1. During the year in which the costs were incurred, the undertaking did not employ more than 50 full time employees in its trade or business 
  2. The turnover or annual balance sheet total of the undertaking did not exceed €10 Million in the fiscal year preceding the year in which the application is submitted.
  3. At the date of application, the undertaking must employ at least 1 person (on full or part time basis)
  4. Unless exempted, the undertaking should be duly registered with the VAT department.

Undertakings engaged in activities specifically excluded under the de minimis Regulation (vide Section 6) are not eligible for this incentive.

Undertakings who have applied for investment aid measures (such as the Investment Aid Tax Credits 2014 – 2020 and Invest) may not apply for this incentive and for any investment carried out within the same year. 

Type of Aid

Tax Credits

Eligible Costs
  • Increase in Wage Costs
  • Furbishing and refurbishing of Business Premises
  • Investment Costs
  • Motor Vehicles
  • Certification Costs
Application Submission

Application forms must be submitted through the client portal


Submission Deadlines

Claims for costs incurred in

Primary Deadline

(self Employed submitting tax return in June):


Primary Deadline

(Companies submitting tax return in September):


Late Submissions

Eligible Application will receive an  Incentive Entitlement Certificate commencing from year of assessment


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29th May 2024






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