Chinese delegation from Jilin province in Malta

A business delegation comprising representatives from companies operating in China’s Jilin province visited Malta on a fact finding mission to learn more about the country’s business environment and explore the trade and investment opportunities Malta offers.

At a business forum organised by Malta Enterprise, the Chinese companies were given an overview of the Maltese economy and the sectors that have been growing in recent years, as well as the advantages that Malta offers to Chinese companies particularly those looking at expanding their business in Europe and other neighbouring markets in North Africa.

The Chinese companies, which operate in sectors such as finance, telecommunications, plastics, chemicals and agricultural products, also had the opportunity to meet local entrepreneurs with business interest in China, with whom they discussed possible business collaborations.

Jilin is a province in northeastern China, bordering with Russia and North Korea. Rich in natural and mineral deposits, the province has the largest oil shale reserves and one of the top five largest mineral reserves in all of China.

Over the past years, its economy has witnessed a steady and significant growth, with its nominal GDP exceeding €135 billion in 2011.

Jilin is one of the most important commodity grain bases in China and also ranks highly in timber production, while its industry is concentrated on automobiles, train carriages and iron alloy. Following the setting up of the New and Hi-tech Industry Development Zone two decades ago, sectors such as new materials, refined chemical products, electronics, medicine and bioengineering have also grown considerably.

The business forum was supported by the Embassy of Malta in China, the Maltese-Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Malta-China Friendship Society, FinanceMalta, the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry, and the General Retailers and Traders Union.