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Successful Business Exchanges

The Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs (EYE) programme, which is supported locally by Malta Enterprise, has reached an outstanding 10,000 entrepreneurial exchanges across the participating countries. This number marks a milestone, proving the enormous success of the programme. Since 2009, EYE has helped entrepreneurs from all over Europe to exchange knowledge and expertise, and to expand their business and their professional network.

This EU funded cross-border exchange programme gives the chance to new entrepreneurs to shadow an experienced entrepreneur willing to help them take the plunge and teach them the ropes of running a successful and fruitful business. Young entrepreneurs can gain innovative professional knowledge and skills whilst improving their entrepreneurial competences. On the flip side, host entrepreneurs benefit from new insights, experiences and languages that would help enrich their work and outlook. Experienced entrepreneurs can be inspired to find innovative solutions for their company and widen their networking opportunities.

The general objective of this programme is to enhance entrepreneurship, develop the competitiveness of European SMEs and foster potential entrepreneurs and newly-established micro and small enterprises in the Participating Countries. It gives the opportunity to entrepreneurs, both New and Host entrepreneurs to team-up, innovate and explore new markets. It is therefore ideal for start uppers or for those who would like to one day have their own business and for established entrepreneurs to get fresh ideas for their own business. Also, there is no financial outlay for the host entrepreneur since the visiting new entrepreneur will be funded by the programme directly, through a monthly grant.

The large majority of most established entrepreneurs enjoy the experience so much that they decide to host other new entrepreneurs afterwards. Alex, the director of a digital business growth company from Malta, hosted Max, a new entrepreneur from the UK specialised in entrepreneurship and high-performance organisations. They both share their testimonies of successful business networking and professional entrepreneurial exchange with a very fruitful outcome. ‘It’s been great; we are very excited to see where we can go with this project. We wish we could extend the time together”, they said.

If entrepreneurs would like to benefit from the above, they are kindly invited to apply online via the website   and complete the registration form.  For further details or assistance, kindly send an email to [email protected]