Over 8,000 visit Safi Aviation Park

More than 8,000 persons are estimated to have visited the Safi Aviation Park during the course of the Open Day held on October 7, 2012, which gave the general public the opportunity not only to view the €17 million project inaugurated earlier this year but also to meet a good number of industry stakeholders and learn more about the local aviation industry.

Organised by Malta Enterprise, the Open Day proved to be particularly attractive for a large number of families and aircraft enthusiasts, who had the opportunity to go inside the two hangars currently at the Safi Aviation Park – from where Medavia and SR Technics operate.

Visitors who were at the Park at around noon were lucky to have the opportunity to view an Airbus A320 being towed into the Park and being docked into the SR Technics hangar for maintenance works.

Throughout the Open Day, visitors could view and board smaller aircrafts brought over for the occasion by three of the local flight schools, namely the European Pilot Academy, Malta School of Flying and Skypeople Aviation Training, as well as the Island Microlight Club.

Besides the aircrafts, one of the most popular attractions was the trackless train, which took visitors around the Park and provided information about the current facilities and tenants. Additionally, it also highlighted areas such as the new taxiway which provides a direct link to the main airport infrastructure, as well as areas earmarked for future developments including the site where Dutch company Aviation Cosmetics shall be constructing a new hangar to provide spray-painting services.

Entertainment throughout the day included various aviation-themed shows, interactive games and quizzes organised by Zoo with aviation as their theme, as well as displays by the Civil Protection Department, the Armed Forces of Malta and the Scouts Association of Malta.

Malta Enterprise, the Employment and Training Corporation and the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology were also present with an information stand throughout the day to provide information on the various business, employment and training opportunities, particularly within but not limited to the growing aviation industry.

Other participants included the Malta Red Cross; the Malta International Airport Fire Service; the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA); the Malta Model Aircraft Flying Association, which displayed some of its members' models; as well as the Aviation Museum, which gave historical information on Malta's aviation industry.

Malta Enterprise is meanwhile happy to announce the winners of the trial flights kindly provided by the flight schools and microlight club: Brandon Lee Mallia and Aaron Formosa, whose name was drawn among those who visited the Open Day, and Marylise Camilleri, who is the winner of the facebook competition.