Around 140 participants for GreenBUILD Malta

Around 140 representatives of companies, institutions and other organisations operating or having interests in the construction industry took part in GreenBUILD Malta, a national conference and brokerage event organised by the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) office within Malta Enterprise.

Almost half of the participants were Italian entrepreneurs who travelled to Malta specifically for the event to discuss prospective business opportunities with their Maltese counterparts through a series of one-to-one meetings organised as part of the brokerage event.

The conference assessed the current situation of the Maltese construction industry and highlighted the opportunities available to improve its sustainability by capitalising on innovative and green practices.

Through GreenBUILD Malta, professionals operating within the building and construction industry in Malta including architects, designers, consultants, entrepreneurs, academics and policy makers were able to get together to discuss a variety of issues such as aspects of design, materials and regulation.

The event - which also provided a platform where the main players and stakeholders could network, discuss, collaborate and exchange information and experiences - was organised in collaboration with the Building Industry Consultative Council and the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Enterprise and Industry and with the support of the EEN offices in Sicily.