Book chronicling 50 years of Malta Enterprise launched

A book on the history of events leading up to the foundation of the Malta Development Corporation (MDC) which was eventually taken over by Malta Enterprise (ME) in 2004 was launched in celebration of the fifty years of the country’s national development agency. Written by the corporation’s long-time advisor Dr Mario Brincat, the book is entitled ‘Birth of the Malta Development Corporation: A Landmark in the Island’s Economic Development’ and outlines the corporation's role in Malta’s economic progress and development. 

During the launch of the book, mementos were handed out by Malta Enterprise chairman William Wait to recognise the achievement of industrial enterprises that, based on their date of registration as limited liability companies and the length of their relationship with MDC and Malta Enterprise, are the oldest and still in operation.

The book is for sale from Malta Enterprise with all proceeds going to Fra Diegu Home – an institute and children’s home in Ħamrun.