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Bridging the gap between academia and industry to further sustain economic and social development

Malta Enterprise is taking a leading role in bringing together academia and industry, in order to nourish further collaboration and synergies between the key stakeholders. 

To this end, Malta Enterprise organised a roundtable to further discuss the current challenges faced by the industry. Such initiatives work to further develop Malta’s research and innovation ecosystem — which is one of the agency’s primary aims, as collaboration between industry, the public sector and academia remains critical to sustaining both economic and social development. 

Dr Christopher Haley, Head of New Technology & Startup Research at Nesta, chaired the Academia & Industry roundtable. Senior representatives from Government, the University of Malta, the Malta College of Arts Science and Technology (MCAST), the Chamber of Commerce, and various industry players gathered together to explore further avenues how to bridge the gaps between academia and industry.

Mr Kurt Farrugia, CEO at Malta Enterprise, emphasised the importance of strengthening such a strategic cooperation by stimulating industry and motivating academics to collaborate together.

The importance of such collaboration is crucial to ensure that the innovation element is further strenghtened — especially given the current high-paced growth and dynamic investment climate in Malta. This is key to sustain, and drive to new heights, economic and social growth.

Malta Enterprise remains committed to holding similar initiatives which ultimately will result in forging closer ties between academia, industry and the Government. The role of the Government will be that of a catalyst to facilitate closer interaction between academia and industry.

Present for the meeting were the President of the Chamber of Commerce David Xuereb, representatives from the Ministry for the Economy, Investment and Small Businesses, the Ministry for European Affairs and Equality, the University of Malta, MCAST, MCST, the National Skills Council, together with representatives from Trelleborg, Abertax Technologies and Raesch Quarz Ltd.