Business First to facilitate MEPA services

Business First

A representative from the Malta Environment and Planning Authority (MEPA) will be at the Business First office in Pietà every Friday morning, thereby enhancing the service offered from the one-stop-shop for businesses, which already gathers more than 50 Government services under one roof.

While applications will still need to be submitted directly with MEPA, at Business First clients may check the status of their MEPA application as well as obtain explanations on the pre-screening process and on the general parameters of permits for specific developments.

The staff at Business First has also been given basic training on MEPA procedures in order to be able to provide basic guidance to businesses throughout the rest of the week.

The addition of the service to Business First's offering reflects the commitment to monitor and analyse clients' feedback to see what business services are required and, where possible, start
offering such services.

The initial list of services was also based on a survey among 200 enterprises which amongst others asked what the major issues of concern for local enterprises are and what services are expected from such a one-stop-shop facility.

Amongst others, Business First already provided services related to the Legal Entity Establishment, Employment Registration, Registration for Tax purposes, Registration for VAT services, Residence permits, Licenses including trading and tourism-related licenses, and applications related to utilities services.

Moreover, through its professional guidance Business First can help businesses find their way through the various requirements they need to adhere to, what applications need to be compiled, what documentation needs to be submitted, and – equally important – where all this can be done.

By carrying out most formalities under one roof at Business First, businesses can save time and unnecessary running around, thereby having the possibility to focus more on their business operations.
The growth and successful operation of businesses is also supported through the guidance and provision of Malta Enterprise schemes and services.

Since its launch in January, more than 3,700 contacts have been made by clients with Business First, which opens on weekdays between 08:15h and 17:00h, with extended hours until 19:00h on
Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Further information may be obtained from the dedicated website or by calling the Business First helpline on telephone number 144.