Business First set to expand services

Business First shall over the coming months be expanding its services to include, amongst others, an internationalisation desk to assist enterprises in Malta wishing to do business abroad as well as the provision of specific support for succession planning.

These services shall be provided in line with Business First's commitment to monitor and analyse clients' feedback to see what business services are required and, where possible, start offering such services.

In this manner, Business First has also added some MEPA-related services through the hosting of a representative every Friday morning, building up on the original list of services which comprised more than 50 Government services previously provided only from different departments or entities as well as the support schemes and incentives administered by Malta Enterprise.

Since its launch in January 2012, more than 8,200 contacts have been made with over 3,100 clients who sought Business First for assistance, mostly through e-mail correspondence on, visits to the Business First office in Guardamangia within the Malta Enterprise Head Office, and assistance over the helpline on telephone number 144.

The setting up of the Business reflects the commitment to aid and assist businesses. By gathering a wide range of services under one roof and providing professional guidance on what is required to do business in Malta, Business First is saving time and unnecessary running around for businesses, who may thus focus on their own growth and successful operations.