First RELOS3 thematic event

Experts from various European countries gathered in Malta to discuss Smart Specialisation Strategies (RIS3) and how these can be put to good use at a local level to promote innovation, particularly through the active involvement of local authorities, innovators and companies.

The meeting was held within the context of RELOS3, an EU-funded project that seeks to develop and contrast local research and innovation strategies for RIS3. Its project partners, hailing from Estonia, Italy, Malta, Poland, Spain and the Netherlands, have specializations related to industrial systems, advanced manufacturing, applied industrial design and ICT.

The 25 participants in the meeting also took part in small working sessions during which the knowledge being shared was applied to the various regions across Europe in the hope of producing a productive and concrete outcome that could be applied by local stakeholders, thereby shifting the RIS3 from a regional to a local level.

As the Maltese partner in the project, Malta Enterprise is addressing research, technological development and innovation particularly with a focus towards enhancing R&I infrastructure and capacities. For the duration of the project, which will run for five years until the end of 2021, Malta Enterprsie will also work to improve existing policies; develop the tools for RIS3 deployment at local level; suggest private-public initiatives in line with the Regional Smart Specialization; assist other R&D projects led by public sector; and create a closer collaboration network with all the relevant innovators in the country.