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Malta places 2nd in Quality of FDI

Malta was ranked in second place worldwide for the quality of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) that it attracts by the authoritative IBM Global Location Trends Report (2014), which takes into account the FDI projects approved during 2013. 

The IBM Global Location Trends Report measures FDI success on different tracks, including the type of investment projects and their value to the economy. IBM claims that this type of evaluation of FDI investments is “an increasingly important metric for gauging inward investment performance”. This value indicator assesses the added value and knowledge intensity of the jobs created by the investment project.

Ireland placed first in the quality and value of FDI Index. Malta placed second, followed by Denmark, South Korea, Japan and Sweden. 

In 2013, Malta Enterprise managed to attract 36 completely new FDI projects. Malta Enterprise has already approved 17 new FDI projects in the first half of 2014. The fastest growing sector of FDI attracted to Malta is that of health-related investments. However, precision engineering and niches requiring a high degree of digital creativity are also thriving.