ME dedicates October to startup community

As part of its continuous engagement with startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and young persons thinking of their own future business, Malta Enterprise is dedicating October 2019 to the startup community, culminating in two separate events being held towards the middle of the month.

On October 10th, the first edition of Startup Express will be held with the aim of supporting new companies enhance their competence for pitching and presenting projects. This will be followed by the second edition of Startup Café, an event aimed at a slightly different audience - namely young and future entrepreneurs - which is being held as part of SME Week on October 12th.

Startup Express - 10th October, 2019
A thought-provoking event designed for SMEs to enhance their competence for pitching, presenting projects to business angels and investors, and crowdfunding. Participants will be facilitated with input from Christoph Sollich (aka The Pitch Doctor), crowdfunding pioneers Seedrs, industry experts, and successfully funded startups.

Startup Café – 12th October, 2019
Tailored for young entrepreneurs, Startup Café will comprise parallel workshops on alternative funding, women’s entrepreneurship, commercialisation, internationalisation, and much more. Startup Café will be an ideal venue to learn from seasoned entrepreneurs, discuss ideas, pose questions or simply catch up on the current and emerging trends and business realities.  

Further information on both events will follow in due course.