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New energy efficiency scheme for the local industry

The Sustainable Energy and Water Conservation Unit within the Office of the Prime Minister and Malta Enterprise have launched a new Energy Efficiency Scheme for the local industry intended to support the initial capital costs through a system of tax credits. 

Successful applicants may benefit from tangible economic benefits within reasonable timeframes when system design and operating modes are optimised, enhancing the investors’ competitiveness especially in international markets.

The Unit analysed the potential for the uptake of co-generation under local climatic and energy demand conditions in conjunction with energetic resource availability and pricing to identify specific sectors where the technology can be applied cost effectively.

Small Scale CHP is particularly suitable for applications such as hotels, hospitals, commercial buildings and specific industrial processes where there is a steady demand for heat and power throughout most of the year. High-efficiency cogeneration can effectively deliver between 20% and 40% primary energy savings when the majority of heat production is recovered.  Furthermore, CO2 emissions may be reduced by up to 50%.

Malta Enterprise will handle the administrative and financial aspects of the scheme, while the Unit will process the technical eligibility aspects. These energy efficiency savings from co-generation systems contribute towards Malta’s energy efficiency target to 2020.

Further  information can be found within the incentive guidlines.