New scheme for Energy Audits

Malta Enterprise and the Energy and Water Agency have launched an initiative to assist businesses with an annual electricity consumption in the range of 10,000-75,000KWh to carry out an Energy Audit. This measure will be implemented in collaboration with the General Retailers and Traders Union (GRTU), who will be facilitating the application process. Beneficiaries will be supported to identify solutions for achieving better energy efficiency to reduce operational costs through energy savings.

Energy Audits are planned with the scope of identifying and prioritizing actions that would lead to improving energy performance, reducing energy waste and obtaining related environmental benefits. The Energy Audit Report includes information on current energy use and provides recommendations for improving energy efficiency within the business. The implementation of these recommendations would lead to financial benefits, rendering micro and small enterprises more competitive. The Corporation will assign a certified Energy Auditor to the approved applicant.

For further information on the scheme contact Business First by calling 144 or by email on [email protected].