Over 60 meetings for local companies at CeBIT

Five Maltese companies were assisted by Malta Enterprise to participate in the Futurematch brokerage event held in Hanover, Germany, where they had the opportunity to meet prospective business partners with a view to building their international links and improving their operations.

Between them, the Maltese companies had over 60 meetings at the brokerage event, which attracted some of the major stakeholders in the IT industry in view of the fact that it was held on the sides of the CeBIT international trade event held between March 6th and 10th, 2012.

Indeed, CeBIT is the world's largest trade fair showcasing digital IT and telecommunications solutions for home and work environments, offering an ideal platform for comparing current industry trends, networking, and product presentations.

Every year, it attracts thousands of stakeholders from industry, the wholesale and retail sector, skilled trades, banks, the services sector, government agencies, science and all users passionate about technology.

At the Futurematch brokerage event, Malta Enterprise - through its membership in the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) - helped the Maltese companies organise a large number of meetings with
companies from the other member states of the EEN, which currently exceed 50 countries.

During such meetings, amongst others the companies could discuss the development of sales and licence agreements, joint ventures, subcontracting agreements, technology transfer or R&D projects.

This activity was one of a number of brokerage events, information seminars and company missions planned by the local EEN office within Malta Enterprise to facilitate the successful operation, growth and internationalisation of local enterprises.

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