Laboratorio de ProductosÉticos and Cevomed Limited to set up in Malta

Laboratorio de ProductosÉticos® and Cevomed Limited have signed a letter of intent with Malta Enterprise for the allocation of industrial space to set up a business in Malta under the name of Cetic Pharmaceuticals for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in Malta. Cetic Pharmaceuticals will be engaged principally in the manufacture of ophthalmic preparations in sterile, liquid, semi-solid, or solid form for application to the conjunctiva, the conjunctiva sac and the eyelids, as well as nasal sprays intended for the local treatment of nasal congestion, allergic rhinitis and similar conditions. It aims to target the ophthalmic and nasal spray markets in the MEA-CIS region.

Laboratorio de ProductosÉticos® is a Paraguay-based company manufacturing cutting-edge pharmaceutical products, incorporating scientific and technological innovations designed to meet the needs of the healthcare community by delivering safe, effective and reliable medicines manufactured in line with the WHO’s good manufacturing practices and the guidelines issued by the European Medicines Evaluation Agency and the USA’s Food and Drug Administration.

Cevomed Limited is an international pharmaceutical distribution company which has recently chosen to headquarter its business in Malta, with offices in both Malta and London. It acts as a portal for international pharmaceutical and biotech companies looking to access the Middle East, Africa and Commonwealth of Independent States healthcare markets, delivering evolutionary healthcare solutions to medical professionals and customers in the region.