Gozitan enterprises allocated space at Tal-Hofra complex

Eleven Gozitan micro enterprises have been allocated industrial space within the new Tal-Hofra Workshop Complex in Xewkija, which is presently under construction and envisaged to be completed within the coming months.

The entrepreneurs are engaged in diverse local trades including woodworks, aluminium works, upholstery, wrought iron, as well as marble and granite. 

Innova Foster Local Action Plan finalised

As the local partner within Innova Foster, Malta Enterprise has finalised a Local Action Plan (LAP) with key actions that address the most pressing issues, thereby bringing to a close the first phase of the project.

The proposals presented in the LAP fall within three strategic areas - infrastructure, incentives and capacity building. Through the research carried out, 100 actions grouped under 35 objectives have been identified.

Malta Enterprise supports knowledge transfer for local artisans

Malta Enterprise has launched a new scheme to suppport artisans in transferring their skills to other persons interested in learning the relevant craft. 

Any duly registered craftsperson and self-employed persons who have experience in the production of a craft can benefit from this incentive when mentoring and transferring their skills to a trainee. Applicants will need to demonstrate they have the knowledge, capacity and facilities for providing the skills transfer.

EUREKA support for Collaborative Research, Development and Innovation

With its bottom-up approach, EUREKA supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily life of everyday people. The commercialisation of the innovative products, processes and services from hundreds of successfully completed projects have added billions of euro to national economies.