Malta-based MGC completes long-COVID clinical trial

MGC Pharmaceuticals Ltd, which has a base in Malta, has seen very positive results from a clinical study for the white-label version of its ArtemiC™ Support to assess its impact on patients suffering from Long-COVID.

During the study 60 COVID-vaccinated patients suffering from Long-COVID were observed in clinics across Spain when administered the study product twice a day for six weeks.

The administered nutraceutical was shown to alleviate symptoms of Long-COVID unrelated to functional limitations, including pain, mental confusion, sleep disorders and inflammation.

The results of the study show a statistically significant improvement in symptoms associated with Long-COVID following the treatment. Biological markers in the blood tests further proved a reduction of inflammation and enterohepatic involvement, as well as liver reactant proteins.

The efficacy of the nutraceutical can be measured by a quality of life, physical and cognitive symptoms improvement of those who were part of the trail.

The medicine has been shown to help with dyspnoea, sleep disorder, headaches, depression, pain, mobility intestinal problem and mental confusion as they are related to Long-Covid.

MGC Pharma’s Base in Malta

Last year MGC Pharma inaugurated a new facility in Malta following a €4 million investment. The facility, which is situated in Ħal Far is being used to produce a breakthrough plant-based coronavirus treatment. The medication is aimed at treating inflammation caused by Covid-19 as well as other respiratory problems.

In this 800 metres square facility, they are able to produce up to 24,000 units of medicine per day—double the amount that was initially planned.

The company received a €3.1 million grant from Malta Enterprise in order to be able to fund their new facility as well as the work which is being done by them.

MGC Pharma has collaborated with various government entities and international universities on research projects, to be developed into high quality medicinal products. MGC Pharma produces products for patients who suffer from epilepsy, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease, amongst others. This company is also in the process of expanding into medicinal cannabis production.