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Support Measures and Other Services

In order to help our clients further improve their competitive edge, Malta Enterprise has developed various incentives for the promotion and expansion of industry and the development of innovative enterprises.

Malta Enterprise provides incentives for enterprises demonstrating commitment towards growth, an increase in value added and employment. Enterprises engaged in manufacturing, ICT development activities, call centers, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aviation and maritime services, education and training, logistics and more may benefit from these incentives.

The Access to Finance: Soft Loan is a financial instrument designed to support undertakings engaged in a manufacturing or service activity accelerate their plans in establishing new products or entering a new geographic market, addressing environmental concerns and digitise processes.

Application for the allocation of industrial spaces larger than 300 sqm

Application for Industrial Space for Small Business Activities

This measure facilitates value added projects, including new business initiatives, expansions and transformation activities that shall contribute to the regional development of Malta.

People with disabilities continue to face extensive challenges and a wide range of barriers in their place of work. However, today’s technological developments contribute significantly towards inclusion and reduce certain barriers in the field of employment.

Innovate aims to facilitate the creation of Business Research Partnership betwee SMEs and Research Knowledge-Dissemination Organisations to carry out projects leading to product, process and organisational innovation.

Invest aims to sustain the regional industrial and economic development of Malta by facilitating initial investments through the setting up of new establishments, expansion of existing facilities and diversification of existing businesses. Support may be awarded through loan guarantees, interest rate subsidies, cash grants and tax credits. The support is aimed at facilitating access to funding and accelerating the return on investment.

Malta Enterprise Corporation in collaboration with the Energy and Water Agency shall be supporting undertakings in carrying out investments leading to improved energy-efficiency. The assistance is intended to facilitate investments in technological solutions that provide higher energy efficiency and contribute directly towards a reduction in the energy requirements of the beneficiaries.

The aid awarded through this measure shall be in the form of a cash grant or a tax credit (which can be utilised against tax payable by the beneficiary) or a combination of both.  

The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant provides business funding to support the undertaking of investments that lead to more sustainable processes leading to the enhancement of competitiveness of the enterprise through the optimisation of the use of resources in their activities.

The aim of this measure is to support Small Start-up Undertakings that demonstrate a viable business concept and that exhibit commitment to expand and further develop their economic activity. Malta Enterprise may provide support up to €400,000.

The impacts of construction activities on environment are various. This measure aims to support investments that reduce the negative impact of construction activities by facilitating the reduction in volume of construction waste, control of dust emission and replacement of equipment.  This measure is open to businesses engaged in construction activities, including the processing and disposal of

In the budget speech for 2018, a measure was announced which provides for a tax benefit to individuals who were not yet forty years of age on the date of the commencement of the course, and who graduate with a PhD, Masters Degree or Postgraduate Diploma (minimum 60 credits) (MQF level 8 or 7).