Smart & Sustainable Investment Grant

The information provided in the table below is a high-level summary of the Smart & Sustainable Investment Grant Scheme.  Interested applicants should read the full Incentive Guidelines which may be downloaded further down.


Scheme Title Smart & Sustainable Investment Grant
Version 1.0
Published on 2nd April 2024
Overview The Smart and Sustainable Investment Grant provides business funding to support investments that lead to more sustainable processes which lead to the enhancement of competitiveness of the enterprise through the optimisation of the use of resources in their activities.

Eligible Applicants

  1. Limited liability companies registered with the Malta Business Register, partnerships or self-employed
  2. Operate from licenced commercial premises
  3. Planning an investment project of at least €10,000 having the aim to achieve sustainability, improved environmental performance or digitisation leading to growth potential
  4. Employ at least one full time employee registered with Jobsplus


Ineligible Applicants

  1. Undertakings engaged in activities specifically excluded under the de minimis Regulation
  2. Applicants that are defaulting on Income Tax, VAT or Social Security Contribution payments
Type of Aid

Cash Grant

50% of eligible expenditure up to €100,000 per project.

Eligible Investments
  • Waste Minimisation
  • Sustainable Materials
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Water Efficiency
  • Sustainable Digitisation
Submission Deadlines 18th December 2026
Application Submission

The application form may be downloaded from and submitted through the Corporation’s Client Portal.  (The Corporation shall not accept applications submitted through other means).

A draft version for reference only may be downloaded below.  The latest version shall always be available through the client portal.