Green Mobility Scheme


The information provided in the table below is a high-level summary of the Green Mobility Scheme.  Interested applicants should read the full Incentive Guidelines which may be downloaded further down.


Scheme Title Green Mobility Scheme
Version 1.0
Published 27th March 2024

Transport systems are critical to businesses but are also a major contributor to greenhouse gas and other pollutants.  In line with the EU’s goal to become the first climate-neutral continent by 2050 actions to help speed up the bloc's transition to electric vehicles are required.

The Green Mobility Scheme shall support the transition to more sustainable transportation by accelerating the uptake of electric vehicles used in business for the transportation of goods and people, by supporting investment in recharging infrastructure required for vehicles which are an integral part of a business activity. The scheme shall also support leasing of clean or zero-emission vehicles.

(The scheme is designed to work in synergy with other existing measures facilitating a green transition in the transport of goods and people.)

  • Business registered with the Malta Business Registry
  • Applicants must employ at least 5 full time employees at the time of application
  • Applicants must not be defaulting on Income Tax, VAT and Social Security payments
  • Applicants must not be considered Undertakings in Difficulty
  • Applicants requesting support on investment in charging infrastructure must have premises that are adequate for charging and which are categorised as commercial premises.

Projects should wait for the Approval of the Corporation before Start of Works occurs. In terms of the regulation governing these Incentive guidelines, Start of Works refers to the earlier of either:

- the start of constructions works
- the first legally binding commitment that makes the project irriversible

Type of Aid
  • Interest Rate Subsidy (on loans required for investing in Charging Infrastructure)
  • Tax Credits
Eligible Costs
  • Investment in Charging Infrastructure – up to 50% of eligible costs including construction, installation, upgrade or extension of recharging or refuelling infrastructure 
  • Lease of Commercial Vehicles - up to  60%o f the extra cost of leasing a clean/zero emission vehicle as opposed to a combustion fuel vehicle. The aid may cover up to 36 months lease.
Application Deadline 30th September 2026
Application Submission

Applications must be submitted through the Corporation’s client portal which may be accessed here(First time users will need to register)

There are 2 application forms for this incentive, relevant to the type of cost on which support is being requested. Applicants should submit only the relevant application form.

The application forms available below are in draft format and should be used solely for reference purposes. The latest version of the application form together with any annex templates provided by the Corporation will always be available through the client portal.


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