Support Measures and Other Services

In order to help our clients further improve their competitive edge, Malta Enterprise has developed various incentives for the promotion and expansion of industry and the development of innovative enterprises.

Malta Enterprise provides incentives for enterprises demonstrating commitment towards growth, an increase in value added and employment. Enterprises engaged in manufacturing, ICT development activities, call centers, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, aviation and maritime services, education and training, logistics and more may benefit from these incentives.

EUREKA supports the development of rapidly marketable innovative products, processes and services that help improve the daily life of everyday people.

Participation in Network projects, European Partnership on Innovative SMEs / Eurostars and Innowwide, Clusters amongst other EUREKA instruments raises participants’ international profiles through EUREKA label award, facilitates access to finance for companies involved, offers high degree of flexibility and bottom-up approach to project generation with greater chance of project proposal success.


The Exploring Research Grant aims to support businesses in planning better their R&D initiatives. Through this measure, Malta Enterprise aims to encourage businesses to think strategically, consider the market disruptions the research results could lead to and look beyond the organisation for strategic collaborations.

The scheme facilitates access to expertise and the generation of new knowledge towards accelerating innovation, enhancing business performance and driving competitive advantage through engagement of highly qualified personnel, and access to innovation advisory and support services.

The Patent Box Deduction Rules, 2019 establishes a fiscal regime for income arising from patents, similar intellectual property (IP) Rights and copyrighted software.  The rules additionally provide that small companies may utilise the patent box rules on income from any intellectual property based on an invention that could be patented.

Research and Development should address scientific or technological uncertainties. The knowledge acquired through the research is expected to lead towards the development of innovative products and solutions.

The aim of this incentive is to support industry in undertaking Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities.