Innovate - Innovation Aid for SMEs

The information provided in the table below is a high-level summary of the Innovation - Innovation actions for SMEs support measure.  Interested applicants should read the full Incentive Guidelines which may be downloaded further down.


Scheme Title Innovate - Innovation Aid for SMEs
Version 1.0
Published on 18th January 2024

SMEs can improve their innovation performance through access to Highly Qualified Personnel and collaborations with Research and Knowledge-Dissemination Organizations. 

Innovate aims to support SMEs in carrying out projects leading to product, process and organisational innovation through collaboration with Research & Knowledge-dissemination Organisation or through innovation advisory services through funding for the secondment of Highly Qualified Personnel, and access to innovation advisory and support services.

The scheme facilitates access to expertise and the generation of new knowledge thus achieving the scope of accelerating innovation, enhancing business performance and driving competitive advantage.

  • Types of enterprise: Small and medium-sized enterprise with a scope for growth
  • Applicants must not be defaulting on Income Tax, VAT and Social Security payments
  • Applicants must not be considered Undertakings in Difficulty
Type of Aid Grant covering up to 50% of costs, capped at €250,000
Eligible Costs
  • Wage Costs of highly qualified personnel seconded from a Research and knowledge-dissemination organisation
  • Innovation advisory services 
  • Innovation support services
Application Deadline 30th October 2026
Application Submission

The application form will be available in the coming weeks.

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