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Investment Promotion

Attraction of FDI operations in target sectors.

Economic Intelligence, Policy and EU Affairs

Economic insights and develop adequate policy measures. Safeguards the interest of local industry at a European level, via discussions and position papers provided on topics related mainly to dossiers on environment, energy and enterprise.

Internal Audit

Internal audit procedures and compliance.

External Communications - Marketing and Media

Local and International marketing, media, public relations and publications, event organization and related logistics.

EU Funds

Overseeing and coordinating the relationship between Malta Enterprise, national and international institutions, government and diplomatic missions. Management of the Enterprise Europe Network Malta office as well as the entrepreneurship, brokerage and franchising projects.

Legal, Regulatory and Compliance

Responsible for the management, control and coordination of the corporation's legal and regulatory services.

Information Management

Management of information, information systems, information technology and related support.

Incentive Management

Management of incentives and related activities, including performance implementation and monitoring.

SME Support and Development

Support for start-ups and SME development, including through Business First, the Kordin Business Incubation Centre (KBIC), the Enterprise Europe Network contact point, as well as the contact point for the R&D focused programs EUREKA and EUROSTARS.

Corporate Affairs

Responsible for various corporate functions such financial management; procurement; general administration and people & culture management.

Project Implementation 

Follow-up on the implementation stage of projects approved by Malta Enterprise, with the objective of facilitating the interaction and experience of project investors with Governmental and non-Governmental stakeholders, ensuring that at all levels and stages, the experience of the Investors meets or even exceeds their expectations.