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New measures to support R&D and Innovation

Malta Enterprise has launched three new measures aimed at supporting R&D and Innovation activities within industry, namely:

  • Aid for Research and Development Projects, which allows companies to claim tax credits on costs incurred directly or indirectly in carrying out an R&D project or projects relevant to the company’s trade.  The scheme adopts a new approach whereby companies can claim tax credits on their R&D within two years from its completion, although they can still submit a pre-proposal prior to incurring any cost to ensure that their project is eligible for funding;
  • Innovation Aid for SMEs, which allows eligible SMEs to recover part of the costs incurred for the temporary engagement of highly qualified personnel from large undertakings and Research and Knowledge-dissemination organisations in the form of tax credits; and
  • Tax Credits for R&D and Innovation, which is open to all undertakings that employ for a period of at least twelve (12) months a person holding or reading for a doctoral degree in science, information technology or engineering.

The new measures were launched at the Research and Innovation Café organised by Malta Enterprise with the support of the Malta Council of Science and Technology (MCST) and the Enterprise Europe Network (EEN) within the context of SME Week 2017, which amongst others event gave a detailed insight and updates on the various national and EU R&D funding initiatives.