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Eco-Friendly Retail Investment Grant

This measure has the objective of supporting retailer, wholesalers and other undertakings in the retail value chain to invest in in-store solutions that allow for the sale of items through reusable containers and in related investments required to implement and facilitate solutions that reduce the use of single-use plastic.

A number of products which are purchased regularly can be stored and bought in bulk rather than in smaller packages. The use of reusable containers would reduce packaging which many times includes single use plastics.  Adopting this more sustainable and more environmentally friendly alternative compared to that provided by prepacked offerings, requires commitment from consumers and retailers.  To enable such a shift in purchasing trends, suppliers and retailers need to provide consumers with practical solitons such as bulk dispensaries that allow customers to purchase the quantities they need in reusable or recyclable containers.   

Applications may be accessed through the Corporation’s client portal by clicking on the link below:

The Corporation shall accept application submissions until 30th November 2021.  Support on the application process may be sought through Business First.  
(The Application form further down is for reference only - applicants are to ensure that they download the latest application form available through the Client Portal)