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ERDF Research and Development Grant Scheme (Closed Measure)

This ERDF Research and Development Grant Scheme is funded through the European Regional Development Fund.  The objective of this scheme is to increase R&D activity especially in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises by assisting enterprises in carrying out Industrial Research and Experimental Development activities that lead to the development of new or significantly improved products, processes or services. 

An enterprise that completes an approved project shall receive part-financing of the following costs incurred directly in the carrying out of an approved research and development project:

  • wages of researchers and technicians;
  • depreciation costs of new instruments and new equipment;
  • costs of material, supplies and similar products;
  • subcontracted research;
  • the purchase of technical knowledge and patents;

This scheme is managed through competitive calls.

List of Beneficiaries

Further details may be found on the website