Family Business Grant

Scheme Title Family Business Grant
Version 1.0
Published on 23rd May 2024
Overview Family Businesses should plan a for succession aiming retain the status of a family business. Planning should cover issues such as ultimate ownership, financial management, and governance.  Malta Enterprise, may support this process through the Family Business Grant by providing part financing of advisory and mediation services required by Family Businesses towards facilitation and planning of succession.
  • Types of enterprise: Business registered with the Family Business Office as a family business, having a valid family business certificate
  • Applicants must not be defaulting on Income Tax, VAT and Social Security payments
  • Applicants must not have exceeded their de minimis aid thresholds at single undertaking level.
Type of Aid Cash Grant
Eligible Costs

  - Up to 50% of costs incurred for Advisory Services targeting business succession

  -  Mediation Services costs - up to €100 per hour, capped at €2,500

Application Deadline 31st October 2030
Application Submission

Applicants should first contact the Family Business Office (FBO) to discussion their succession plan and obtain the endoresement of the Family Business Office.  Applications that do not have the FBO endorsement will not be processed.

Once the FBO has endoresed the application, this must be submitted through the Corporation’s client portal which may be accessed here

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