Rent Subsidy

The information provided in the table below is a high-level summary of the Rent Subsidy Scheme.  Interested applicants should read the full Incentive Guidelines which may be downloaded further down.


Scheme Title Rent Subsidy
Version 1.1

Published on


2nd April 2024

6th June 2024


This measure is intended to support businesses engaged in industrial activities, that require industrial space for:

  • - starting a new business
  • - expand or diversify operations
  • - optimise supply chains  

The support subsidises rental of private industrial premises required for long term development strategies and also short-term temporary rentals to address specific requirements. 


Qualifying Activities include:

  • Manufacturing
  • Artisanal Activities (NACE 90.3)
  • Industrial Packaging
  • Maintenance and repair of motor vehicles
  • Repair of machinery & electrical equipment 
  • Warehousing and logistics of activities incidental to the above activities
Type of Aid

Cash Grants

Tax Credits

Maximum Aid

50% of eligible rental costs up to €150,000 over 3 years
(Aid is capped at €50,000 annually)

Application Deadline 31st October 2030
Application Submission

The application form may be downloaded from and submitted through the Corporation’s Client Portal.  (The Corporation shall not accept applications submitted through other means).

A draft version for reference only may be downloaded below.  The latest version shall always be available through the client portal.