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Investment Aid for Energy Efficiency Projects

Malta Enterprise Corporation in collaboration with the Energy and Water Agency shall be supporting undertakings in carrying out investments leading to improved energy-efficiency. The assistance is intended to facilitate investments in technological solutions that provide higher energy efficiency and contribute directly towards a reduction in the energy requirements of the beneficiaries.

The aid awarded through this measure shall be in the form of a cash grant or a tax credit (which can be utilised against tax payable by the beneficiary) or a combination of both.  Approved projects must commence within six (6) months from the date they are approved and should be completed within thirty-six (36) months from approval date. A project shall be considered to have commenced when the firm enters into a contractual obligation that makes it difficult from an economic standpoint to abandon the project. 

The Corporation shall receive applications for support until 31st October, 2023. 

Only electronically filled application forms received through the client portal will be accepted.  Should the application be hand-written or should the format of the application form be altered, the application form will not be evaluated.