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ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme - Environment (Closed Measure)

This ERDF Innovation Actions Grant Scheme (Environment) is funded through the European Regional Development Fund.  The objective of this scheme is to support innovation in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises through investments in environmentally friendly technologies.    

An enterprise may seek part-financing of investments in environmental friendly and sustainable solutions that enable the enterprise to go beyond its legal obligations. Supported projects shall be expected to sustain long term competitiveness and contribute to environmentally sustainable business activities by addressing water and air quality; waste streams; and resource utilisation.

An enterprise that completes an approved project shall receive part-financing on cost incurred for:

  • the attainment of recognised environmental certification, such as EMAS, ISO, Eco-Label and other standards recognised by the MSA.
  • the procurement of plant, machinery and equipment required to achieve better environmental performance.

This scheme is managed through competitive calls. 

Further details may be found on the website

List of Beneficiaries